Steel Hinged Doors


Our Steel Doors are custom made to suit existing structural opening for use as Security Doors, Escape Doors, Fire Doors, Personnel etc.

Fire Rated Doorsets

Doors can be provided to offer 4 hours fire resistance on a double fire door set and 6 hours on a single fire door set. 

Both double and single doorsets can be provided with glazing and still offer the same fire resistance.

A choice of flush, lipped or double lipped is available.

Contact us with your requirements for any type of steel door, fire door, or security door and we will be happy to provide design ideas and cost estimates.

Door Leaves

Manufactured from 1.2, 1.6 or 2.0 Zintec steel, double skinned with interlocking seams reinforced vertically with interlocking channels and horizontally with tubes to prevent twisting. Spaces are filled with dense Rockwool or honeycomb, which is still as strong and rigid as a rockwool filled leaf but is very much lighter. This is a better option if powder coating is required.

Standard thickness is 45mm, but any other thickness is available on request.

Steel Door Frames

Manufactured from 1.6 or 2.0mm Zintec Steel, frames are formed to either a single or double rebate.

Frames can be either in welded or knock down form. They are reinforced and fitted with fixing plates.

Depth of frame can be varied to suit any brick, block or steel work, or to span any cavity etc.

Choosing a Steel Door

External Steel Door

An opening outward lipped door with a cill and weather canopy is the best option. The lip protects the latches and bolts. It is harder to pull a door off than to ram it inward. It is much better for weather proofing and it saves internal spaces.

If it opens inwards, a flush door with cill and weather board is better for weather proofing.

Escape Steel Door

If regulations require a minimum clearway, add 126mm to the width and 63mm (no cill) to the height to arrive at the structural opening required.

Door Handing


The handing is defined by viewing the door from the pull side. If the hinges are on the right side it is a right hand door.


The handing is based on the first opening leaf. Viewing from the pull side, if the hinges of the primary leaf are on the left, then the door is defined as a left hand door.

Steel Door Furniture

A full range of locks, panic furniture, door closers, door stays, monkey tail bolts, shoot bolts, hinges and letter boxes by all the major manufacturers are available.