High Speed Doors – Instant Roll

Instant Roll

High Speed Roll Up Door

High speed doors are designed for applications where they will receive intensive use. The operating speed of 1 metre/second dramatically reduces draughts and temperature loss as well as optimising traffic flow. Energy costs are therefore significantly reduced, working conditions are more comfortable and productivity is improved.

The Instant Roll door is designed for use in external walls in less exposed locations. It can also be used internally.

  • Cost effective.
  • Energy efficient.
  • Simple design.
  • Easy installation.
  • Economically repaired.


Galvanised sheet steel, primed finish. Self supporting, needing only to be secured at the top and bottom. Has two legs that act as guides and a casing which spans the opening.


The rubber safety bottom edge contacts the floor to provide a reasonable seal.

Side guides

Incorporate nylon brushes to minimise air leakage and reduce the possibility of contamination or infestation while the door is in the closed position.


The bottom of the canvas curtain is reinforced with a horizontal steel rail secured at its ends to vertical guide wires to keep the curtain taught and provide resistance against minor wind loads.

Vision Panels

A 500mm deep full width vision panel is provided as standard. A second vision panel can be provided at extra cost (please contact our office for more information!)

Colours (nearest RAL equivalent)









RAL 5010

RAL 6026

RAL 7040

RAL 2002

RAL 3002

RAL 1003

RAL 9003

RAL 1014