Roller Shutter Doors


Highly versatile and cost effective, all doors are individually designed to suit specific opening requirements and are suitable for a vast range of domestic, commercial, retail and industrial uses.

  • Wide range of curtain types to suit all needs.
  • Easily incorporated into existing structure.
  • Can be fitted internally or externally to maximise available space.
  • Low maintenance.
  • Economically repaired.
  • Comply with new European regulations.
  • Push up / pull down.
  • Hand chain, through single or double reduction gearing.
  • Electrical operation via a range of drives.
  • Available with an extensive range of control options, varying from a simple push button or keyswitch, right up to full remote / automatic operation with a range of safety options.

Curtain Types

  • 3 inch curved steel laths.
  •  Solid.
  •  Punched.
  •  Perforated.
  • 2 inch flat steel laths.
  •  Solid.
  •  Perforated.
  • 85mm insulated.
  • Seceuro Shield 3800.
  • Seceuro Vision 3800.
  • Heavy duty 89mm Sections.
  • Aluminium brickbond grille.

Bottom Rail:

The base of the curtain is fitted with an inverted galvanised or aluminium ‘T’ section.

Side Guides:

Formed from galvanised mild steel or aluminium channel sections, secured to the opening structure by continuous galvanised steel or aluminium angles.

Roller Assembly:

Constructed from mild steel tube, laser cut mild steel spools and machined bright steel shafts.

Running in self lubricating pedestal bearing block/safety brake (anti fall back device – where necessary).

End Plates:

The roller assembly is supported by mild steel / aluminium endplates with mounting angles for fixing to the support structure.

Coil Casing

Optional extra – Formed from galvanised pressed sheet metal to enclose the rear of the shutter barrel and curtain assembly.